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Is Reid really this stupid?

Posted in politicians on liberty by ukliberty on June 12, 2007

John Reid (Home Secretary) | Hansard source

I profoundly disagree, not surprisingly, with my hon. Friend’s premise [that “the threat and the reality of terrorism became worse because of” the decision to go to war in Iraq], which is muddled and ahistorical. If the intervention in Iraq had been the cause of acts of terrorism in the United Kingdom, the acts of terrorism in Birmingham in 2000 would not have happened, because they came before the intervention in Iraq. People would not have been arrested in Canada for terrorist-related offences, because Canada was not only not in Iraq, but opposed the intervention vociferously. People would not have been lifted in France for terrorist-related offences as recently as three weeks ago. The premise from which my hon. Friend works is ahistorical and not only not evidentially based, but contrary to the historical evidence. However, I shall continue to try to persuade him.

Of course, no-one reasonable has claimed that all acts of terrorism in the UK were caused by the invasion of Iraq.

Regardless of whether or not our participation in the invasion of Iraq increased the risk of terrorism*, it seems stupid to claim – as John did – that it could not have because terrorism occurred in the UK prior to the invasion (in March 2003)!

Is he stupid?  Or does he think you are stupid?

Not good either way, is it?

(* Note that one of the bombers claimed to include the invasion of Iraq among his motivations)


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