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Identity fraud 2

Posted in ID Cards by ukliberty on June 8, 2007

Part 2 of the series investigating the Government’s current lies claims about the Identity Card scheme.

Let’s have a look at the website.

The National Identity Scheme will:
help protect cardholders against identity theft and fraud

Identity theft and fraud

Identity fraud is on the increase. As well as causing great distress to the victims, it costs the UK economy millions of pounds each year (show me some facts and figures on identity theft and fraud).

Some facts and figures

Would you agree that the implication of this is that all these have something to do with identity theft and fraud?

Over 10,000 fraudulent passport applications each year.

Source: UK Passport Service (UKPS) estimate based on research conducted in 2002 involving the scrutiny of 10,000 passport applications, extrapolated across a whole year.
Parliamentary Questions, 6 July 2005.

Let’s have a look at that Parliamentary Answer, supplied by Andy Burnham, Home Office Minister.

With around 6.5 million passports applications per year this suggests the possibility of around 11,700 fraudulent applications per year. Of these, half, around 5,850, might involve identity fraud with a similar number of cases in which deception has been practised but the individual would otherwise be entitled to a passport.

In other words, half the 10,000 fraudulent passport applications might involve identity fraud, and the other half doesn’t!

In other words as many as all 10,000 might not have anything to do with identity fraud.
Also no research into whether this is decreasing or increasing, and how new (at the time) measures – such as starting in 2006 to interview first time applicants – is mitigating the problem.

And it’s only based on 10,000 applications in one particular year.


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