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The plot thickens

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We had noticed some of this, but Ian Brown highlights 3 examples from Hansard,where Labour politicians have been trying to smear Ross Anderson, the Professor of Security Engineering at Cambridge University, a prominent independent critic of the massive National Health Service computerisation system:

How is govt accessing private FIPR e-mail?

Interestingly, Ian Brown says that these emails are to the Advisory Council of the the Foundattion for Information Policy Research, of which he is a member.

Have these emails been illegally intercepted ?

Former health minister Lord Warner and Andrew Miller MP may need to be reminded that unlawful interception of emails is illegal under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, an offence which carries a penalty of up to 2 years in prison, and is not covered by Parliamentary privilege, which protects Members of Parliament from libel actions for what they say in debates in Parliament. …

Surveillance Society

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Lords debate on public sector IT

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Can be read on TheyWorkForYou.

We should be skeptical of campaigns

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Lord Warner:

Some of my puzzlement over hostility to the [Connecting for Health] programme has been removed, since leaving office, by discovering people working together to campaign against this programme. The campaign seems to be made up of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, the Big Opt Out organisation, the Conservative Technology Forum, Computer Weekly, Medix surveys and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, which I only recently discovered. …

I have insufficient time to entertain the House with more extracts. I am willing to let them be seen on a private basis by my honourable friend in the other place who chairs the Health Select Committee. In a spirit of bipartisanship, I would encourage Conservative parliamentarians to look closely and sceptically at some of the sources of advice they appear to be using. The Connecting for Health IT programme should not be a political football. Too much is at stake for patients and the NHS.

Is he suggesting we should only listen to people who don’t work together?

See also “How is govt accessing private FIPR e-mail?


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Another controlee absconds.

Tony McNutty’s statement to the House.

And the quarterly report on control orders mentions AF, where the Judge found that the control order “restrictions cumulatively amount to a deprivation of liberty”.

The Secretary of State’s appeal in relation to the AF judgment has leapfrogged the Court of Appeal, and will be heard together with the JJ and others and MB cases in the House of Lords, which are now scheduled to be heard in early July.

E’s appeal against the Court of Appeal’s judgment will also be heard together with these cases. However, the Rideh case will not be heard by the Lords at that time.