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Office of Government Commerce to appeal disclosure ruling

Posted in freedom of information, ID Cards by ukliberty on May 31, 2007

Financial Times:

The Office of Government Commerce is to appeal to the High Court over a ruling that requires it to disclose a review of the controversial ID cards project.

The so-called “gateway reviews” are conducted at critical stages of all big government IT projects to determine whether they are on track. But while the OGC maintains that it examines any Freedom of Information Act request for the reviewscase-by-case, it has never released them. It argues that to do so would hamper the frank discussion on which they depend.

Imagine if science worked like politics

Posted in freedom of information by ukliberty on May 31, 2007

writes Heather Brooke, on Alistair Darling’s leaked letter:

Imagine if science worked in this way. Someone could determine (in secret) that his snake-oil was the best solution to a problem (treating polio, for example) based on findings that only he and his minions could access. No data would be no published so no one could challenge the legitimacy of the policy. The reasons behind the decision would be kept secret, too. It is easy enough to see how detrimental such a process would be to science. Yet this is exactly the way our ‘modern’ Parliament makes policy and it is in every way as detrimental to the health of our society.