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Playing the blame game

Posted in control orders, law and order by ukliberty on May 24, 2007

Michael White is a keen participant:

It’s not the ministers’ fault, is it? The missing trio are on the run because judges let suspects like them out of Belmarsh amid applause from the civil liberties lobby and the European Convention on Human Rights.

There I was thinking they were on the run because the authorities weren’t keeping a close eye on them.

It may be a good thing they were let out, it may prove to be a murderous mistake. Either way, it’s not John Reid’s fault.

Er… he is Home Secretary, you know? The man ultimately in charge of law and order in this country?

There’s plenty of meat here to debate. But I don’t see much scope for ministerial embarrassment. They were advised of a potential problem with a small category of potentially dangerous people. They acted. The laws they used were deemed unlawful. They tried again.

They were advised that there would be problems with control orders as well. They went ahead anyway.


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