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and yet another criminal justice bill!

Posted in Fraud (Trials Without a Jury) Bill, law and order by ukliberty on May 14, 2007

The Times:

The 60th


In ten years!

parliamentary bill on crime and justice under Blair will bring in new laws to tackle antisocial behaviour. It will include proposals for community-based punishments for young offenders, powers to tackle rowdy neighbours

Of course, there is already legislation that deals with rowdy neighbours.

and the scrapping of juries in serious fraud trials.

Er… that last proposal was thrown out fairly recently.

It will be the first piece of legislation to be presented by the Ministry of Justice and opponents fear that it may also be used to change sentencing laws to help ease prison overcrowding.

Hang on, didn’t the Times recently report that Tony rejected such a proposal for “sending out the wrong signal“?

The Home Office will also unveil a terrorism bill to “tidy up” existing legislation.


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