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Attorney General Lord Goldsmith doubts 90 day detention

Posted in detention without charge by ukliberty on November 21, 2006

Lots in the news about the Attorney General remaining unconvinced by the case for 90 day detention without charge. Around this time last year he expressed the same doubts when the Government was originally pushing for it.

According to the BBC, Lord Goldsmith said ‘he had seen no evidence to support such an extension’. Presumably this includes the letter from Andy Hayman!

But care needs to be taken when looking at such reports. It could well be that the Government is pushing for 90 day detention only to want to seem ‘strong on terror’ while knowing that it will have to compromise. Parliament will be bargaining over N days detention without charge in order to fulfil political needs rather than those of counter-terrorism.

Also, they are floating the idea that this need not be limited to people suspected of being involved in terrorism.