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PM’s press conference Monday 6 Nov 2006 – identity cards

Posted in ID Cards by ukliberty on November 8, 2006

For whatever reason, Tony Blair intended identity cards to be the focus of Monday’s press conference. However, the press seemed more interested in his opinions on Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s death penalty, and the role of the Attorney-General in the cash-for-peerages inquiry. But before they could ask him the tough questions, they had to endure some retreading of old ground.

The majority of the public seem to be in favour of identity cards in principle, but don’t seem sure that the Government can successfully deploy such a system. Here I attempt to analyse and hopefully refute some of his claims and arguments.

First, Blair set out what he called “four essential benefits”:

  1. “secure borders”;
  2. “a protective shield for the vulnerable”;
  3. “better detection of crime”; and,
  4. “fraud prevention”.

Now, I think most people would support these as aspirations. So how can the Identity Card and National Register scheme help (or hinder)? (more…)